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Stop Overspending And Just Get A Financial Grip

From the Desk of Sarah Nadler Troutdale, Oregon

This month I attended a finance seminar by Eric Miller, co-owner of Econologics© and Financial Advisor to multi-millionaire doctors across the US.

I was giving a workshop on PR & Marketing that same day, and got to sit in on Eric's talk. It was fascinating! 

What the wealthy know about money...and don't usually share with the rest of us, is pretty astonishing. 

After the workshop, I called my hubby Ben and together, we added some pretty incredible stuff to our Financial Journey life coaching program

But I've never been one to hold back when something could help people! So I wanted to share with you a little of what I learned. Are you ready?

The Biggest Secret I Discovered About Finance at Eric Miller's workshop for multi-millionare doctors is that the Financial Grip System my hubby and I stumbled across is a mirror to what the wealthiest families in America are doing every day!

No wonder it worked so quickly, and has been so dumbfoundedly effective for us, and for all the people we share it with each week. 

For those who are new to the blog, Sarah Nadler is a Life Coach & inspirational speaker with twelve years of experience helping clients reach relationship, career and Big Hairy Audacious life goals. Her work has been featured on Enterprise Podcast Network, The Sierra Leone Times, and her latest book Walking Past Expectations was rated #6 on Lifney's list of Best Books to Read On The Beach This Summer 2019.

Rich America's Financial Advisor Spills Secrets of How the Wealthy Use Their Money

Have you ever had the experience of getting paid on Friday (which really means you got paid Monday when your check clears!)...and by Wednesday you have no money left?

Then, Thursday rolls around and you realize there's a bill you forgot to pay...

...oh, by the way? It's due tomorrow!

Right about then you probably start feeling a little like this:

If this sounds like you, then you're sitting right where Ben and I were in 2018. 

Living paycheck to paycheck with no escape, no fall back plan (literally) and thousands or maybe even tens of thousands in credit card debt, we were barely holding our heads above water. 

It was terrifying! 

So how do you get started with closing that gap between your income and your expenses, and start bringing your cash amount well-above your spending?

Luckily for me, I have Ben.

My hubby is a genius inventor. No joke! Mention a problem to him, and he'll come back a couple days later with some new trick, tool or system he's invented that no one has ever heard or thought of...absolute genius. 

So when my shopping habits started to really turn toxic for us, Ben put his head to work and invented the Financial Grip System of money management.

For those of you who don't know us, The Financial Journey is now one of our bread and butter Life Coaching programs, where we teach others how to overcome mental roadblocks to having money, and use secrets of the wealthy and my own career coaching experience to turn you into a Household CFO - someone who can CONTROL their household money flows without too much trouble!

The Key to Financial Success

The key to financial success is not budgeting. It is learning how to generate wealth, protect it once you have it, and how to trick your mind into allowing you to make more than you spend and save without cash burning a hole in your pocket.

It starts with learning the natural laws (like the law of gravity, except these are money laws!) so you understand how the wealthy look at finance. 

Then, it's a simple matter of using a workable system to manage, grow and protect your money once you've got it.

See, here's the thing: your mind wants to spend every dollar you make. That's just the truth. And the only way around that is to train your mind to view savings as another bill that has to be paid.

Yup. I said make savings a bill. But how?

Well, there is an exact way that the wealthiest families in America do this! And I learned it directly from Eric Miller last week, and have now placed it inside the training for our Financial Journey clients. 

But because I like you, I care about your success, and I want you to be happy and thrive in life - I'm going to share with you the first step for free. Sound good? 

Step One of The Financial Grip System of Money Management

It all starts with a simple exercise. Take a piece of paper or open a spreadsheet and make a complete list of ALL your expenses. 

If you're in a relationship or living with roommates who share the costs of rent or a mortgage, etc., you might need to sit down and do this step together. The most important thing is that you don't leave anything off that list! If you have a daily Starbucks habit, put that on there with an average cost per visit.

Click here to download our financial planning chekclists to help you hit every category.

(Solopreneurs, we did not forget you! The downloadable checklist includes a bonus section for mapping out the cost of your side hustle or small business)

Step Two: Math Time

Once you have a complete list, it's time to do a little math:

Divide each category so you end up with the exact cost per paycheck thatyou need to be setting aside. 

You might find here that the amounts add up to more than your current income. If so, you now know how much you're overspending. Use the list and personal discipline to dial it back until your income is greater than your outgo....but most importantly, focus on efforts to make more money!

The solution to financial crisis isn't solved by budgeting alone. The only way to make enough money to survive is to focus your attention on productivity. 

Did you know that there are simple, natural laws about finance that effect YOUR income every single darn day??  

...And there are simple easy things you could be doing to control your cash better.  

One of them is this: your income rate is proportionate to the quality of production you deliver to the world.  

For example, when you deliver such stellar service that your boss, clients or customers are RAVING about you...  

...income flows toward you much more easily!  

But this isn’t just in your business or career.  

Stop and think about it:  

Are you “wow”ing friends, family members, co-workers and acquaintences?  

Or do people just think your value is “ho-hum”?  

Make yourself indispensable to others!!  

That’s when income will start easily coming your way.

Step Three: Get Systematic About It So You Don't Overspend

Next, you need to work out a method of keeping track of all these bills and spending categories, so you never spend too freely in the wrong category! 

The good news is, that is exactly what Ben's invention, the Financial Grip System is designed to do. It takes all the stress out of financial planning so you can achieve total certainty on exactly where you stand at any moment.

And that gives you the confidence to shop and spend whenever you want to...because you KNOW when you've earned it!

So, in case you missed them before, here are your free downloadable checklists. 

Use them to get on track, and then sign up for The Financial Journey if you're ready to learn the true secrets of wealth & start building a strong financial future!

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