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Bridging The Gap Between 'Some Day' And NOW...

From the Desk of Sarah Nadler Troutdale, Oregon

Hey there!

Come on it, grab a pen and some strong coffee or tea, because we're going to tackle some no-fluff, no BS strategies on getting stuff done!  

We've all been there, right? You set these incredible goals, but they never get met.

Well, guess what? Years ago I actually discovered a solution to all this. And in this article I'm going to share my strategies with you. Sound good? Great. Here we go:

Life Coach Sarah Nadler Shares Her Best Tips to Make Your Dreams A Reality

When things aren't going right, there's really only a couple things that could be wrong. And I'm going to tell you what they are, but I'm also going to give you my best tools for preventing all of them! 

For those who are new to the blog, Sarah Nadler is a Life Coach & inspirational speaker with twelve years of experience helping clients reach relationship, career and Big Hairy Audacious life goals. Her work has been featured on Enterprise Podcast Network, The Sierra Leone Times, and her latest book Walking Past Expectations was rated #6 on Lifney's list of Best Books to Read On The Beach This Summer 2019.

"...doing a real assessment of what it's going to take is the first step of planning."

So, you made all these plans for your life, or your relationship or business...

...but something is going wrong.

Well, to begin with it's possible that your original analysis of what needed to be done to really make things go was just unrealistic.  

This happens to me, right - when I'm starting out, just learning a new tool or subject, I tell myself, "Oh, I can probably learn to do this in an hour."  

Huh. Five hours later I realize it's 8 o'clock and I haven't left the office yet, and I've completely skipped dinner. Meanwhile, Ben is blowing up my phone like, "Babe, are you on your way? I'm freakin starving!"  

Sorry honey!  

So doing a real assessment of what it's going to take is the first step of planning. And this is sometimes an ongoing thing, right? Keeping a flexible mind AND a written plan are both super important.

"I highly recommend using an app...or a digital notebook."

I use Evernote to keep my plans. I highly recommend using an app, like me, or a digital notebook rather than a physical one, because you want the flexibility to be able to write over earlier plans or targets.

Another thing that can really get in the road is failure to just doggedly follow through on your plans, or succumbing to distractions (like date night, social media, that movie you really wanted to watch...etc!).

"There are three types of plans you need to focus on, in order to actually take a big dream or major goal and carve it up into doable targets that your mind can actually tackle." 

That is the key - if you set your targets too high, they become self-defeating.  

But if you make them just small enough that each one seems super easy, you can make any goal realistic and doable!  

So, let's break down these three types of plans:


First, you have to have a goal. I know that sounds idiotic, but having this fully written up, with specific details of what you want - is absolutely necessary to accomplishing it!  

Here is a question I commonly use with our clients: If you had all the time and money in the world, and the complete support of all your family & friends, what product or service would you want to produce for the world?  

In other words, stop letting other people set the expectations. Put your mind on the situation in life that YOU want, and don't worry, helping you get there is my job! 


Alright, so you have this goal written down. Now, it's time to get strategic about how to accomplish it. 

What you need is to write down the big picture steps, just the broad strokes - your A to Z movements that you have to make to get from where you are your Big Dream.

This is something that takes a lot of practice to get good at, but my best tip is to draw it out. Make a visual representation for yourself of each step, so you can really see what needs to be done, step-by-step, to arrive at your goal. 

Doing this is extremely enlightening when it's done right! 

If you're having trouble, be sure to reach out to me for some help.


This is where it gets tricky. You have this Strategic Plan to take you from where you are now, to your Big Dream...the question is, what do you tackle first?  

This is one of the biggest issues people run into when trying to get from where they are now, to where they want to be in life. If you select the wrong target, you might find yourself failing before you really begin, or going off in the wrong direction!  

There are only a few ways your journey from here to Big Dream can get derailed, and the main way is to be illogical in the planning.  

My suggestion is to just go full 'Kondo'. 

In case you've been living under a rock somewhere, Marie Kondo is a Japanese author whose book & tv series are all about getting incredibly organized. Because of the fame Marie has generated with her work, the phrase "go Kondo" has come to mean, "To tidy up using the methods advocated by Marie Kondo, especially keeping only those things that tokimeku (spark joy)."- Wiktionary

Take the Strategic Plan you drew up, and note which of those things MUST be done, what is only nice to have, and what is unimportant right now.  

Once a week, make a to-do list for yourself. 

Start by re-reading your Big Dream, and then taking another look at your Strategic Plan. 

Did you learn new information this week that changes the plan in some way? Correct that first, before creating a to-do list of small steps you can take right now in the direction of your bigger picture.  

And every time you make a to-do list, even daily, compare it to your Strategic Plan & your Big Dream to make sure your list isn't taking you in the wrong direction!  

You are capable of so much more than you think you are - and Ben and I are here to help you make that Big Hairy Incredible Dream a reality.

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