The Financial Journey Gear Bag

(The EXACT Steps You Need to Get A Grip On Your Finances)

The Financial Journey Gear Bag has the tools we use to keep our spending under our income, (personally and for clients!) while making incredible progress toward future goals...


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Christopher Mercon

Fellow Traveler

"Meeting Sarah was the turning point for me. She is persistant as a dog, and never let me give up on my financial goals. I got my taxes paid (11 year backlog) and started putting money toward my dreams again."

In This FREE Financial Journey Gear Bag, We'll Give You:

The Financial Checklists We Use to Help Clients Achieve Their Goals...

Learn the simple steps we used to dig ourselves out of the paycheck hampster wheel...and that now allows other travelers to build lifestyles of their own.

How To Hold Yourself Accountable...

When you have a shopping habit, money can become a topic that destroys your marriage. Learn the easy-to-use trick Sarah implemented to make each of us responsible for our own cash.

Our System For Spending With Certainty...

Wouldn't it be nice to always know you have money to spend on self care, vacations, gifts for family, self-splurging, etc? With these strategies you can ensure you're confident in doing what YOU want with your money!

Guidance On How To Hit Those BIG Hairy Dreams...

Walking past the expectations of naysayers is a big step. The guidance this free gear kit provides will give you the step up you need to start living those deserve them!

Hi, I'm Ben Nadler

The inventor of the Financial Grip System, I help people who have found themselves stuck in the 'paycheck hamster wheel', trapped by debts, and the fear of changing even the tiniest piece of their financial situation...because the whole house of cards might fall down.

The Financial Journey Gear Bag has been responsible for allowing my wife Sarah and I to dig ourselves out...and then turn around and pay it forward to others who felt similarly stressed out, burnt out and DONE with toiling all their lives for scraps of nothing.

With it, you can gain a position of power and control over your financial situation, eliminating the overwhelm and start really making your lifestyle the one you want to be living every day.

Happy travels.

Getting A Grip On Your Own Finances Is Just A Click Away...

You no longer have to let your paycheck control your life!