The Financial Grip System

The Financial Grip Journey Will Show You How To Make It To Your First $100k
(No Cash Envelopes | No Complex Investing)

...Without Without Giving Up Everything That Actually Matters!

Get A Free Scholarship to This $1,997 Coaching Program, Where You'll Discover the Simple Strategy ANYONE Can Use To Get Rid of the Overwhelm & Start Taking The Right Steps To Create Financial Freedom For Your Family.

In The Financial Grip Journey You'll See:

  • The simple method anyone can use to overcome the excuses & limiting beliefs that prevent you from manifesting money...using the power of simple easy-to-do mental exercises with Certified Life Coach & award-winning author Sarah Nicole Nadler
  • What causes couples to fight about money and how to get rid of it
  • Our proprietary and crazy-successful formula to manage your household budget, without cash envelopes or complex accounting systems
  • How to protect your family and generate wealth in your sleep so YOU aren't working for money, it's working for you!

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As A Member Of The Financial Grip Journey, You'll Be Able To...

  • Follow a proven path to set up a family budget you will actually stick to...
  • Overcome limiting beliefs & money mindsets that are holding you back from achieving your goals in life.
  • ​Learn the simple but powerful strategy Ben invented that completely bypasses the need for rigid self-control to manage your money.
  • ​How to break past failure patterns with money ... so you can create a fresh start for you and your family.
  • ​Get the 9 basic elements of an ideal financial plan implemented for you and your household.
  • Pay down your debts without hurting your credit or saying no to fun!
  • ​How to protect your family so they are covered no matter what happens. So you NEVER have to worry that disasters, a down economy or accidents will put them at financial risk.
  • What financial reports you should be looking at monthly, quarterly and annually - and how to read or interpret them!
  • Our secret A-Z Roadmap formula that tells you exactly what you need to do to prevent running out of money in retirement.

Are You Ready For An Adventure?

Inside Module One: The Money Mindset Formula

Step-by-step with Certified Life Coach Sarah Nicole Nadler, work to uncover the limiting beliefs behind your struggles with money.

  • Address past failure patterns and eliminate them
  • Uncover your innate power to CAUSE money to flow toward you!
  • There are 4 attitudes people have toward money...and only ONE of them is going to bring you wealth. Discover what it is and how to have an abundance mindset.

Inside Module Two: The Financial Grip System

Implement the system that Ben Nadler invented to help his shopaholic wife stick to her budget and prevent fights over money! (It kept their marriage strong AND gave Sarah weekly cash to burn)

  • How to create a budget you'll ACTUALLY be able to stick to.
  • Learn how to manage money as a couple and live worry-free.
  • Get the system that allows you to manage your money stress-free... without ever wondering whether you can afford fun activities!

Inside Module Three: The 9 Elements of An Ideal Financial Plan

As a business coach with over a decade of experience helping entrepreneurs grow & scale, Sarah lays out the exact steps you need to take advantage of your financial status to generate wealth.

  • The nine ingredients you need to have an ideal financial situation
  • Why EVERYone should have a side hustle or business and how to utilize one to generate wealth & save money.
  • Step-by-step actions you should take to plan for the future for you and your family.

Inside Module Four: Understanding Your Financial Reports

According to FINRA in 2018, over 53% of Americans say they feel anxious when they think about their bank statement, budgeting or other financial reports. Financially literacy is at an all-time low...these things are just not taught in schools these days! That's why Ben & Sarah are on a mission to educate couples about their financial reports:

  • What financial reports should you be looking at, how frequently and what do they mean?
  • How to read a Profit & Loss report for a business
  • Learn how your retirement portfolio is really doing!

Inside Module Five: Building & Protecting Your Family's Future

Once you reach Module 5, your financial systems are in place, your financial future is mapped out with a guide to get you there - and you have created discretionary (extra) monthly income for yourselves. Now, it's time to start learning how to use that extra wisely.

  • Disaster preparedness planning
  • Asset protection
  • How to start ticking things off your bucket list BEFORE you're too old to really enjoy it!

Check Out These Real Results From Couples Inside The Financial Grip Journey:


Very easy to follow along, not get lost. Sarah is high energy and left me very motivated to use what I am learning. Just like she taught - emotion makes people ACT! There was good emotion and we are ready to ACT!

Practice Owner


All I can say is WOW. I'm so happy I attended this training. I learned so much!! Our income is THROUGH THE ROOF now.

Manager of Marketing

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Inside The Financial Grip Journey You'll See:

  • Case studies from real couples who have followed our system, and created a budget they actually stuck to despite a down economy...
  • Tools to use to make your money work for you, so you can build wealth and stress less about money!
  • ​And, how to uplift your relationship into an amazing, happy marriage because you DON'T ever have to argue or stress over sticking to a budget.
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